Michael the Welder

Artist, Mechanic, Wannabe Super Villian


Battle: 4
Meat: 6
Soul: 9
Shift: 5
Wit: 8


Mike should be lying in the streets of 1929 Paris, Half-conscious after an all night Absinthe bender ranting about the brilliance of Rene Magritte#.
Failing to achieve that, he is an artist specializing in metal work and welding who feels art should be about personal interaction with the materials and their limits. Anything created via Gia or other manufacturing methods is simply a pale imitation. He also goes the further step, by believing all pale imitations should be destroyed via rocks from space.
Most people have a hard time getting past his belief that nothing is mundane and a lack of indoor voice settings (Make me a SANDWICH with your very soul !)Those that do, find he is actually a competent technician and a pretty nice guy.


Michael the Welder

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