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SlenCorp Orbital Refinery, Ittan

A remote industrial system, sparsely populated with only the occasional freighter or salvager visiting the system’s only inhabited structure.

Lomand High, Lomand

This sector hub is a huge space station located above Lomand VII’s third moon, simply named Lomand High. All the material from the vast automated asteroid farms trickles into their regional manned refineries which then frieght to Lomand high, ready for shipping into the heart of the Imperium. An Imperium Naval outpost operates from the system.

New Oban, Oban

A small frontier colony struggling in the binary red dwarf system of Oban. Imperium subsidy is all that’s keeping this colony going.

Fleming Research Facility, Kilda III

A small research station based in Kilda. Access to this system is restricted by order of the Imperium.

Main Page

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